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Book cataloging

Book cataloging by 3nglishN3rd
Book cataloging, a photo by 3nglishN3rd on Flickr.

Today’s project: enter book collection into database. This represents just the books I could easily carry downstairs. If I didn’t have the VHS Star Wars to watch, this would be really daunting…

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Coachella main stage 2011The thing no one tells you about growing up is that one day, you’ll look around and realize that all your best friends, the people who have chosen to walk with you through life (unlike family who are stuck with you), will move away (or you’ll move away from them) and begin the process of leaving you to your own devices. People will also neglect to tell you that, while this sucks, it doesn’t have to define your current reality.

Today was that day for me. And I’m writing this post to convince myself of the latter statement. Because I don’t want this sadness of life changing, and everyone moving far away to be the only side of life I focus on. And also, because I’m the one who kind of made it this way.

I tell my friends all the time that I love people. All but the people who know me best or least snicker whenever I say it. Because I don’t like talking to people I don’t know; I don’t like touching people I don’t know; I don’t even particularly enjoy being around large groups of people I don’t know.

Because I’m rather anti-social. Continue reading

First Day of Fall

Today is the first official day of fall, and it makes me happy. It means that school’s started up again, I’ve celebrated Mom’s birthday and my sister’s is around the corner with Halloween waiting in the eaves. It also means that the weather will be cooling off soon. And the trees are on fire.


I read about the fall colors in the rest of the country, and I don’t really understand that idea. But then the colors are described in terms of fire, as though the plants are on fire, which is an image I can get behind.

I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life, and when other people are looking out for snow as the year marches through September toward October, I keep the shorts on and an eye out for smoke. Autumn here is marked by the fall of embers instead of leaves, and the birds we see migrating through are the fixed wing and other modified water/retardant dropping aircraft.

And though it’s nerve wracking to watch flames march around where you live, there’s an element of comfort in the consistency of the seasons.

I orginially wrote this on the actual first day of fall, while the Station Fire was still uncontained and fires had started close to my parents’ house. Due to technical difficulties (namely the lack of internet at my grandmother’s house), I could not post it until this date.

I haven’t written here as much as I’d hoped since I graduated at the end of May. This has been mostly due to the more complicated access to the internet than I anticipated.

I started the summer in the thickest coats I own in Australia. There are some posts from that time, but I’ll probably add more as I work on catching up. 6 weeks house numerous stories I want to share, but am still drafting in my head.

I spent the first part of my actual summer in Louisville, Ky. It was my first trip to that part of the country, and I have even more stories that have yet to be shared here. Expect those when I get to it.

And I spent the last part of the summer helping to care for my grandmother as she prepared to move from her house. While I have many stories, I would be surprised if they end up recorded here.

In my own story-telling way, I will post the stories as I think of them. I will try to make it clear where the stories took place and when, but the details may be a bit fuzzy. I hope that those of you who read this will enjoy the stories and bear with my often random style.

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