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Toni Morrison

I’ve loved Toni Morrison‘s work since I got to read Beloved as a Junior AP English student in high school. It is a beautiful depiction of a horrific experience and shared the emotional impact of slavery in a way that only someone as gifted with storytelling and language use as Toni Morrison can. Her take on freedom and the way adults try to coerce children into conforming to the status quo in The Big Box is remains one of the best kids books that I’ve picked up.

And watching her on the Colbert Report was a spectacular treat in the show’s final days. She is as enchanting in the interview as her stories are to read. Do yourself a favor and watch the interview here:


If you’ve read through much of this site, you’ll see that I love to read and have an obsession with authors. If you’ve missed that Scott Sigler is one of those authors, this post will bring you back into the loop.

Today, in honor of mothers, Scott Sigler released a new short story collection, Blood is Red. Filled with 8 short, horror stories, this new collection is a steal for less than $1 in the U.S. Amazon Kindle store.

Each story has a distinct voice and style. And each story in the collection reaches beyond the confines of horror into the heart of what makes a good story – some insight into life beyond the story. As with all of Scott Sigler’s other work, the depth and heart of the characters makes these stories.

Blood is Red also marks the first national/international publication I’ve edited. Reading the stories, and offering notes and suggestions was an interesting, and fun, experience. The most difficult part ended up being the frustrating lack of people to discuss the stories.

I’m most excited that now I can easily make everyone I know read “The Great Snipe Hunt.” Seriously, the story still kicks around in my head, making me jump whenever I’m walking down the alley behind work and papers rustle at the edge of my vision. (Thanks for that Scott)

Some of the stories are available in his podcast feed, if you want to check them out before you commit a dollar to him. But if you’re a fan of horror, Scott Sigler is a solid bet. Especially for less than a dollar.

Goblin Market

If you’ve been around this blog at all in the last year, chances are you’ve read at least something from me about Jennifer Hudock. I love her dark fantasy stories, and she has the added bonus of being a genuinely kind person.

Most of her work is available in electronic forms, so if you like podcasts and ebooks, there are numerous stories for you to check out.

If you prefer reading on dead trees, Jenny is releasing a limited number of print books for her novella The Goblin Market!

She released the first version as a podcast, which is great. Her story pulls on Christina Rossetti’s poem by the same name, but develops a path completely its own. Jenny’s creates emotionally resonant characters who often act in surprising ways.

I already ordered my copy, and my excitement pushed me to write all of this down. So go and buy your print copy. Or the ebook copy for whatever ereader you own. Or check out her podcast. Jenny’s captivating writing will have you searching through her archives to get more.

You might recognize this title. You should recognize this author, she visited here a couple of months ago.

But this isn’t just another story. Nope. It’s ALL OF THEM!

Yep. Dark Journeys: A Short Story Collection has all of the Dark Journeys stories in one collection!

But you don’t just get all 11 stories that have been released earlier for $2.99.  You get a bonus story!

And that’s not the best thing. When you buy this collection you get to help out Jennifer and James. You should read their blogs for details (and because they’re good writers of interesting things).

So what are you waiting for? Go to Jenny’s blog and download your copy now!

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